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How We Work

Partnership as key for success. We believe that a software is best built when there is a solid partnership with the customer, which is who owns the business knowledge.
We appreciate to support our partners to prioritize the core features and to create deployment strategies, always keeping in mind the minimum viable product concept.
In this way we manage to provide fast results with reduced investments.

We are commited with the result of the products we develop, also offering our software as a service (SaaS). In this proven model, we only get paid if you really use our solution.

We are technology agnostics. We do not attach ourselves to specific technology. We prefer to select the right tool to solve the problem at hand. That’s why we work with a wide range of technologies and platforms, like C#, Node, Java, Android, iOS, Xamarim, relational databases (SQL) and non relationals (NoSQL).


Our Products

We have operated in many segments, as Healthcare, Logistics, Stock and Assets Management, Online Ticket Sales Portal, Tax Documents Submission, Accounting Systems.

Below we listed a few of our main products.


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ERP targeting production, management and distribution of license plates. Installed in more than 6 Brazilian states, it has already brokered over 10.000.000 sales.

Vehicle license plates' management CaixaDigital

Vehicle license plates' management CaixaDigital

Vehicle license plates' management CaixaDigital


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